Major Characters

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Major Characters

Post by Lunar on Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:42 pm

Guildmaster: Cinaed Inkar
Bond: Keen

The leader of the ancient Rider's Guild, a title handed down to him and his bond creature from their predecessor. With the demons returning and regaining strength, he has begun searching for new rider pairs to join the guild so that they may be trained.

Other Guild members

Up to five other rider pairs who were already trained members fo the guild may be created. New, untrained riders pairs are unlimited.

Pair 1 - OPEN
Pair 2 - OPEN
Pair 3 - OPEN
Pair 4 - OPEN
Pair 5 - OPEN

Demon King: Icarel
Bond: Athor

The king of demons - and, currently, all of Arthos, as he has possessed the true king. He is bonded to a corrupted Ursid, Athor.

The Demon Lords

May be male or female. Five demon lords, each currently possessing a member of Arthos's nobility, each a different race. Like their king, they have each bonded with a Great Beast that they have corrupted.

Human Lord:

Orc Lord:

Dwarf Lord:

Elemental Lord:

Shapeshiter Lord:


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