The Dark Forces

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The Dark Forces

Post by Lunar on Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:25 pm

The Demon King

The ruler of the darkness, The demon king has existed in various forms throughout the millenia. Ancient, and powerful, there are few that have been able to match him. Robbed of his former body and spending the last 1000 years impriosned in a gem, he has finally been freed and has taken over the body of the elven king of Arthos.

The Demon Lords

The King's loyal generals, five powerful demons who help carry out their liege's orders. Formerly imprisoned in gems as their King was, he has used his new control to find their gems and given them to five nobles of Arthos. This allowed them to possess their bodies, restoring their freedom and allowing his rule to spread.

Lesser Demons

Coming in a wide variety of forms and sizes, these demons have been created or summoned by the King and his Lords for various purposes. Some simply cause chaos for the people of Arthos, some enslave and control them, while others still are enforcers of King's law or warriors destroying anyone who attempts to rebel. Lesser Demons may be NPCs or full fledged characters.

Demon Beasts

Great Beasts which have been corrupted by the darkness. The king and each of his Lords have bonded with one of these creatures, making them each, in a strange sort, a rider. They have begun to corrupt many more, sending them back out into the wilderness to spread the darkness to the wild Beasts.


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