The Riders

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The Riders

Post by Lunar on Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:08 pm


Riders and Creatures bond through a touch. It is unknown why or when this may happen - but often, it seems to happen in time of great duress for both parties involved. All it takes is a simply touch, the simplest brush of skin against fur or scale, and the magic of the ancient spell is activated. Both the rider and beast will find a mark on the spot where they touched to form the bond.

Rider/Beast Abilities

Both the Rider and Beast get a dramatic change in their abilities when they bond. First, both become more resilient, and find that they heal from any wounds much more quickly. Riders are able to communicate with any great beasts, and the beast can speak as their riders might. Between a rider-beast pair, a telepathic link is formed, and multiple pairs can also speak to each other this way. With the exception of elves, all riders and beasts find their aging slows, aging only half as quickly as they might otherwise.

The Ancient Guild

The First Riders, in the time when the dark forces once ruled, fought together, referring to their collective group as the Rider's Guild. They were centered in the former city of Corwen, which now stands in ruins. Though many believe the guild to be legend, a handul of riders have passed down the traditions throughout the ages, from generation to generation, ready to act should the world ever need them.


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