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Back Story

Post by Lunar on Sun Aug 10, 2014 4:52 pm

In the most ancient days of Arthos, there was a dark force that spread across the land. Ruled over by a demonic king, his minions terrorized the lands, enslaving and torturing the people. There was thought to be no hope, until one powerful young wizard noticed that the Great Beasts - animals that were smarter and larger than their peers, influenced by strong magic - could resist the dark force's control. He first learned to communicate with the beasts, and then, began to gather as many around him as he could. Along with them, he gathered other people, warriors and sages who resisted the rule of the demon lords. He concieved a plan, and cast a great spell over the people, and the beasts. They would be able to become bonded to one another, to fight together. And so the first riders came into exsistence.

The riders and their bond creatures - as the great beasts came to be called - were impressived fighters against the dark forces, eventually able to drive them back. While they could not destroy them altogether, their leader was able to capture them, imprisoning their King in an enchanted gem, his five most powerful lords meeting similar fates. With the darkness banished from the land, and peace restored, the riders faded from memory, until they became nothing more than legend. But there have always been whispers that a few riders still existed throughout history, that the wizard's magic still lingers over many in the land, carried in their very blood.

The threat of the Demon King and his lords, too, faded into Legend. But there are still those who believe it - including the current High King of Arthos. After a great journey, he has found an ancient pendant, set with a blood red jewel. Believing it to be the prison of the Demon King, he foolishly put it on, hoping it would grant him the demon king's powers. Instead, he has been put into thrall, the Demon King possessing his body. The King remembers his defeat long ago, and in his prison, he has become stronger. Now, he plans to bring the Great Beasts under his control as well, to ensure that no riders will be able to rise against, as they had done in the distant past.


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