Races of Arthos

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Races of Arthos

Post by Lunar on Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:38 pm


The most common race throughout Arthos. Humans are exactly as you would expect them to be. They are, by far, the most numerous race throughout Arthos.


Tall and graceful, Elves possess the ability to move with great speed and stealth. Elves are not so different from humans-though a few are known to possess hair and eye colors never seen in the other races and have ears that taper to slender points. They age at a slightly different pace as well. From the time they are born until around the age of thirty, they age as a human might, but afterwards, the age at half that rate.


Short and stout, Dwarves live in more mountainous regions of Arthos. They are renowned for the ability to craft items of stone, metal and precious gems. While this largely believed by outsiders to be a simple matter of skill, many dwarves actually posess a certain magic that increases their influence over the material.


Large and powerful, Orcs are often seen as barbaric or evil by many of the other races. As tall or taller on average than most elves and much more powerfully built, they are regarded as physically the strongest race. They usually have green or gray skin or some shade in between, with many males have a set of tusks that jut up from their lower jaw.


Elementals have the ability to control one of five elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Lightning. They appear identical to humans, except for marks on their body that correspond with the element they control. While their power is limited on their own, they are capable of preforming impressive feats and drastically altering the landscape around them when they cooperate.


Shapeshifters have the unique ability to shift into two different animal forms in addition to their human one. With enough practice, shapeshifters can take a form between one of their animal forms and their human form, appearing to be something similar to a werewolf, or a mixture of their two animal forms.


Nearly identical to humans, wizards have the ability to do magic, including casting spells and making potions. They have become far rarer since the first rise of the dark forces. Seeing wizards as one of the greatest threats to them, many powerful Wizarding families were decimated, leaving them few and far between. In many cases, their magic blood is heavily diluted, leaving particularly strong wizards rare.


Hybrids between any and all of the races are known to exist. Hybrids may inherit abilities from both or either parent, though they are usually not nearly as skilled or powerful as a purebred child of either race. The status of such a child depends largely on the community and their thoughts of crossbreeding.


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