Respite [Open]

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Respite [Open]

Post by Gage on Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:28 pm

With another mission closed and his stay at the nearest inn expired, the rogue had decided to put the remaining hours of the clement weather to good use, departing from the town and setting off by a merchant's recommendation in the direction of the coastline. Though the sun was shy behind a flock of dawdling clouds, it took glimpses down to the lands in frequent intervals, pleasantly heating the air and the outer-hairs of his gleaming bay pelt. It was his first sight of the Rysian Sea, and the shapeshifter counted himself impressed by the vast, natural majesty; the cooing waters bubbled mischievously about his hooves, encouraging him to step into the foam and relish the ocean's cautious touch. It was such a contrast to the strife of battle, a welcomed respite that drained away all of his thoughts until the reverie of company remained. Another like himself. If only.

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