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Gage's Characters

Post by Gage on Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:27 pm

Name: "Gage" Vezlo Bastion
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Hybrid (Shapeshifter Mother, Human Father)
Rank: Rogue Mercenary
Backstory: Born as the result of a union between a nobleman and his mistress, the pair's first-and-only son was quickly dispatched to the faraway land of Arthos to be raised and to ascertain no chance of a potentially fateful scandal. The nobleman's brother received the task under false information and began willingly, but it soon became clear that the child was not of purely human lineage, and combined with this, the boy was an unnecessary handful. Unsuited to their ways in all imaginable forms, he was often encouraged to play outside to relieve their reputation of any threat.

This lead to him falling in with a crowd of lessor demons disguised as common scoundrels. They seemed as innocent and playful as he, and, their species and trickster ways unbeknownst to him, they found it no task to pretend to construct a fellowship with the hybrid. With a steady consistency, they built solid trust through companionship and disguised their real intention of harvesting fresh slaves from the city, involving the rascal in their endeavours whilst keeping him in the dark about their actual motives. Thinking them to be the only ones worthy of trust, Vezlo never questioned them and turned his back on the distress of the victims. He was absorbed in his so-called friends' web, not realising he was all but indistinguishable from a demon himself, with a strong interest in combat and addiction to the adrenaline rush inspired by their company.

The demon's presence strengthened rapidly, and as the city guard received more notice of missing persons, they began to investigate and set up a defense, tracking down the group's activities and rooting out the members one by one. Vezlo was overseen assisting the demons in their efforts and was assumed to be a willing participant, but instead of being treated as their kind, the rebel was jailed and interrogated. None came forth to claim him, as the adoptive guardians were revolted to hear of his involvement and glad to wash their hands of the felon.

After a count of numerous sessions, they decided him to be of a corrupted mind, and once his sentence was finished he was unwelcome in the city and forced to move on. Full of a burning anger, Vezlo spat upon the name of his birth and replaced it with an alias, effectively wiping his slate clean, though even with this new identity, he could not settle. No gentle smile of the townsfolk could quell his rage, but at last, after many seasons, there was news of a raid lead by one of the demons who had escaped the city.

Gage rushed to the scene and found the devastation nauseating, scouting through the wreckage to follow a trail which lead to the demon's lair after many nights of travel. It was situated within a deep cavern of the Vorash Mountains, full with cages of screaming, crying and pleading humans, stacks of looted riches and a camp of familiar faces. A tension underlined the reunion, one which had not been present in his tender years, and without much of a second thought, the rogue found himself entwined in their number.

Since his reinforced affiliation with their kind and holding a fuller understanding of their behaviour, Gage has taken on the ambiguous role of mercenary, though the word itself is open to interpretation. He chooses his missions with a purpose, often acting as a double agent and setting an ambush if hunting demons is the stated task – rewards are of little concern. He prefers to keep a fair distance to humans and their kind, and is seeking a way to pledge to the demon side once and for all.

Personality: Best described as a lock without a key, nothing fits quite right with the man, and all that most come to know of him is a cold and steely exterior. If it suits him, he will openly lie about his official beliefs and opinions regarding Arthos' primary topics of importance. He will manufacture a simple personality around humankind, only feeling at ease to express himself around shapeshifters and creatures, finding them to be the most tolerable and pure. As a hybrid, Gage feels a great sickness for the fact of his human father, and it is the barbedwire which laces around his heart, the divide between humanity and beast within. There is little he will not do to weaken and attack the unwanted half, indulging a fleshly appetite and acquired taste for darkness.  

Appearance: Humanoid Form & Horse Form (I'll insert links as soon as I can)
Due to hybridised blood, Gage has a choice between two forms; humanoid and equine, and he maintains a wildness and daring poise in both.

As a human, his hair descends to mid-back, the thick, voluminous indigo purple locks styled in jagged tips; ragged, as though scissors have not touched the lengths for seasons at least. A tiger-print bandanna is wound around his skull to ensure the choppy layers don't become an obstruction to sight, the cloth tails positioned to hang loosely before his neck, shoulders and chest. The generous entirety suggests its presence is not limited as only a decorative headband, but unless questioned on this, who will know? Beaded ornaments thread and interweave through the vivid colours, some holding metallic, bladed points which can act as impromptu weapons, or are simply a dangerous choice of accessory, depending on Gage's mood. They are accompanied by unusual feathers pinned to the band and held in place by a thin yet durable wire. There is a dramatic overtone to his appearance, but it is just as practical in its function, the sophisticated leather bodysuit clad well to his figure enhancing protection from the touch of weaponry whilst ensuring fluidity of motion is always intact. Scratches and notches etch the material's outermost layer, evidencing its well-worn nature to battle. The heavy gauntlet most often worn on his left forearm is his foremost weapon, and despite its sinister gleam, it is the man's fierce magenta gaze which is most worthy of attention. The bright hue is complimented by sharp, dark brows and a modestly tanned complexion, and sometimes the hint of a plotting smile.

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