A Demon's Queen

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A Demon's Queen

Post by Lunar on Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:59 am

So I'm looking for love interests for two of my characters - Icarel and Isolde.

For Icarel, I'd like a very innocent and good girl, but naive, someone firmly on the side of "light" to begin with. Icarel would seduce her and tempt her to the dark side for the fun of it, and but takes a liking to her once she's been corrupted and offers her powers and the chance to be his queen. She can be a peasant or a noblewoman, and should be late teens or early twenties.

For Isolde, I'm a bit more flexible. I was thinking either another rider or a warrior who wants to join the riders' fight, around her age or a bit older. Otherwise, I was thinking of an older man who is mentoring or training Isolde, for a bit of a student/teacher romance.


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