Potion Making {Open}

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Potion Making {Open}

Post by Lunar on Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:13 am

Balar knelt down at the base of a massive oak tree, drawing his knife and carefully carving strips of the bark from the tree. It was driving rain - but the dwarf did not seem to care at all. He tucked the sodden strips of bark into a pouch at his side, before he rose and made his way back to his camp.

A campfire was burning, a tarp stretched above it to keep the rain away, a cauldron with a potion brewing in it set above the flames. He tossed the strips of the bark into the cauldron, stirring it until the potion turned a deep emerald green, the liquid sending up plumes of green smoke. He ran the risk of giving his position away - but he knew the chances of anyone dangerous out there were slim.


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