Interruptions [Open]

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Interruptions [Open]

Post by Lunar on Sun Aug 17, 2014 1:18 am

Icarel stood over the pulsing circle of energy, his hands moving in a slow, reptitive motion, watching as he drew more and more of his minions up and out from his homeworld. Today he had brought a legion of imps. Not the most powerful of creatures, but he found they were good for keeping his new subjects on thier toes. Easily concealed, he found them too stupid to make effective spies, but often times, the knowledge that a demon was so near-watching them, was more than enough to keep them in line. Watching as they flew out of the window and to their new posts, Icarel smiled, the expression wiped away almost instantly as he heard a knock on the chamber doors.

Athor looked up at the sound, the Ursid sniffing the air. "Not one of our generals," He anounced in his slow deep voice, "No one of any real importance." Icarel nodded, but made his way to the doors anyway, opening them to see who had dared to interrupt their king.


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